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A revolutionary new program customized for you:

Personalized, precision care and wellness starts with YOU. Working with your physician we create a multi-dimensional view of your health and wellness. Our program integrates your genetic make up with your unique functional characteristics and environmental factors.

Genomic data is important but it becomes more powerful and clinically useful when combined with an individual’s functional characteristics, such as data obtained from labs, environmental and biometrics. Our approach gives you and your healthcare team direct access, choice and more control over your own data which can be used to personalize treatment plans and make transformative lifestyle decisions.

Genetic services demand a greater level of data analytics sophistication than is required for other laboratory testing. Through use of our tools, you and your health care team will have 24/7 access to your data, which includes integrated reports,tracking progress, chat room and many more features and services.

Our program creates a multifaceted report specifically for you which can be used to tailor personalized and proactive therapeutic solutions to help you reach your wellness potential. Your results are always private, secure and confidential. You determine who you share your data with.


Geneorbix coaches guide people to make healthy changes and stay on track with their goals.  They deliver information and program support and encourage you on your journey towards a new healthier lifestyle.  Our health coaches can:

  • Help you reinforce positive change and regain control; set goals and create a personalized action plan.
  • Coach and provide resources around a broad range of Health topics including: Weight management, Stress Management and Healthy Eating
  • Provide Accountability on your progress, supporting you through times of challenge and cheering you on when you succeed.
  • Communicate with you based on your preferences — Telephonically, Skype, E-mail, Instant message chat.