Our Meals

Nutrition for your DNA, delivered to your door.  A week worth of organic, delicious meals prepared for your genotype. Our French trained chefs create exciting meals  with wholesome all organic ingredients just for you.   Your meals arrive in an oven safe BPA-Free containers that you can enjoy anytime anywhere.  Just pick the meal you are in the mood for, heat it up, season it to your taste. It's that easy and good for you!

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Lemon Pepper Squash Quinoa with Wild Salmon
*quinoa, *onion, *carrot, *red bell pepper, *broccoli, *brussels sprout, *zucchini, *garlic, *extra virgin olive oil, *lemon juice, *walnut, *coconut amino, *parsley, *basil, *ginger, *black pepper, sea salt, filtered water. (*organic)