DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option
DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option
DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option
DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option
DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option
DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option
DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option

DNA-Friendly Meals - 18 meal option

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We can help get your best body ready!  Easy, Fast, Effective! 

Keep fit by eating right! 

Our personalized plans are designed for you to lose weight naturally without portion control or calorie counting. 

Take The Next Step Towards Transforming Your Life.

Master your metabolism with DNA-Friendly meal program.  We prepare meals designed to work best with your metabolism. 

Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, all ORGANIC meals. $14 per meal

You receive a weekly delivery with fresh, ready-prepared dishes packed in BPA-free containers, so at meal-time all you have to do is choose a dish you are in the mood for and heat it up. Losing weight has never been this easy.

Your gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free weekly meal delivery can include breakfast, lunch and dinners for 6 days a week. Giving you a chance to try out what you learn from your DNA test results on your own 1 day a week. 


All of our ingredients are completely natural, organic, and of the highest quality available.  We have made it our mission to only use fresh, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free wholesome ingredients. Here are some sample meals and ingredients we use.

Asian Vegetable & Wild Rice Stir Fry with Salmon

organic wild rice, organic zucchini, organic pea, organic white cabbage, organic carrot, organic onion, organic bok choy, organic garlic, organic coconut amino, organic ginger, organic basil, organic mint, organic parsley, sea salt, black pepper.

Quinoa Vegetable Primavera

organic broccoli, organic pea, organic onion, organic tomato, organic red bell pepper, organic zucchini, organic yellow squash, organic yellow bell pepper, organic cherry tomato, organic thyme, organic basil, organic fennel seed, organic sage, organic lavender, organic marjoram, organic rosemary, organic garlic, black pepper, sea salt.

Pasta & Portobello Mushroom Sauce with Chicken

organic brown rice elbow pasta, organic onion, organic sweet potato, organic portobello mushroom, organic cremini mushroom, organic carrot, organic celery, organic tomato paste, organic oregano, organic fresh basil, organic garlic, nutritional yeast, grade b maple syrup, balsamic, olive oil, black pepper, sea salt.

Vegetable Paella

organic brown rice, organic red bell pepper, organic onion, organic artichoke heart, organic pea, organic carrot, organic celery, organic tomato, organic paprika, organic saffron, organic garlic, organic rosemary, organic thyme, sea salt, black pepper.

Broccoli & Spinach Lentil Stew with Salmon

organic green lentil, organic broccoli, organic spinach, organic onion, organic celery, organic tomato, organic basil, organic thyme, organic oregano, organic rosemary, organic garlic, sea salt, black pepper.


When will my meals arrive?

Meals are shipped via UPS or FED EX for Friday delivery. You will be provided with a tracking number by email ahead of time.  UPS has until "end of day" Friday to deliver. There is a "shipper release" on all of our packages, so if you are not home at the time of delivery, the package will be left on your doorstep.

What will I receive?

When you open your box, you will find a special insulated/ refrigerated container with your meals for the week. This packaging keeps your meals fresh not frozen!  All shipping material can be recycled. 

What do I do after receiving my delivery?

Upon receiving your delivery, refrigerate your meals packs as soon as possible. You can freeze the meals if you choose to, however, we always recommend eating them fresh. If you do decide to freeze any of your meals, we recommend letting them thaw in your refrigerator for 36-48 hours for best results.

How do I prepare my meals?

Here are our suggestions; heating suggestions are also on each individual meal package:

Conventional Oven: Transfer meal to an oven safe dish or recipient, heat for 15 minutes at 350˚ or until desired temperature is reached.

Stove Top: Transfer contents to a pot or pan, heat until desired temperature is reached.

Microwave: The meals are packaged in microwave safe containers. After puncturing a few holes in the sealing film, meals can be warmed in 2–3 minutes on a high setting. Never the less, we recommend placing food in a glass or ceramic containers and covering it with a ceramic plate or unbleached paper towel instead of plastic wrap.